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Trailing Partner & Dual Career Relocating Employees

Research confirms that the failure rate of new executive hires approaches 50%. Most of these frustrating (and expensive!) failures are more the result of personal/family dissatisfaction than job-related issues. Relocation is a difficult transition for a new executive and often even more difficult for the trailing spouse and family. 

Signet Human Resource Management Consultant

The ability to adapt to a new community, new home, new schools, new friends, and (in the case of the working partner) another new job is critical for a successful relocation.

The career transition of the trailing spouse is a particularly challenging one.

Lacking both a local contact network and knowledge of the area’s economy and job opportunities, the individual is often frustrated by a long search.

Signet’s local experience and expert consultants can shorten the process dramatically and thus improve the likelihood of a smooth, successful relocation.

Signet Human Resource Management Consultant

Outplacement & Career Transition Programs

It’s never easy to tell someone their services are no longer needed. Our flexible outplacement programs support your organization before, during and after downsizing. Signet provides customized transition services for executives and managers to associate level. Signet offers manager training and help coordinating group reductions in force (RIF) or facility closures. Affordable programs are available.

Transition Assistance Programs May Include

  • Assessments to match the separating or relocating partner with the most appropriate consultant
  • Transition planning and job search preparation
  • Career evaluation, decision-making, strategy alignment
  • Professional résumé development
  • Market research and target employer list development
  • Formal marketing plan development
  • Develop a network to discover hidden opportunities in a new market
  • Successful interviewing and job offer negotiations